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Welcome to myZou

myZou Upgraded

myZou was upgraded in November 2012. Click here for more information.

New Process for Viewing a Students Academic Advising Profile Online


Grade Processing

Click here for Grading Documentation


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act requires that anyone with access to student records (which includes, but is not limited to class enrollments) must understand and abide by the law concerning how information is released and to whom. Prior to receiving security access to student information on myZou, individuals must pass a FERPA test, verifying a working knowledge of the law.

You only need to take the FERPA Quiz if you are EMPLOYED by the University of Missouri, University of Missouri Hospital and Clinics and/or MU Extension AND your job at the University requires you to view student information, which includes HR and Fiscal information on student workers, volunteers, etc.

The FERPA quiz is located in myLearn where you have the ability to self enroll in the tutorial. (Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

FERPA Training Instructions

Welcome to myZou Training

myZou is part of an effort to continuously improve the quality of the MU administrative processes that support students.

These include, but are not limited to, the student records database, catalog database, schedule of courses database, degree auditing system, classroom scheduling, billing, financial aid awarding, etc. This system will replace the current STAR MU access that students use and provide new functionality for students, staff and faculty.

This website provides training documentation and related issues. It’s purpose is to keep the campus community informed about the processes in using myZou.

In order to view the business processes on this site you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader.